About Us

Healthy Habitats is a community based recovery program for men that bridges the gap between treatment and independence. We provide the structured environment, guidance and support critical to success in early stages of recovery. As people in recovery ourselves, we walk shoulder to shoulder with or residents. At Healthy Habitats we treat our community members with dignity and respect, giving them the tools and opportunity they need to heal mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

By providing our residents with safe, comfortable home environments, a supportive recovery focused peer group, specialized life-skill coaching, what we offer is unmatched.

Our Mission

Sober Structure

We offer guidance and support tailored to each client to help them create and stick to a new sober

way of life.


We take a personal interest in each resident’s needs.

Our sober leadership team treats every individual with respect and care.

A New Way of Life

Life never stops teaching us new lessons. And life

definitely never prevents us from making mistakes.

But we have found a way of life and a method of living that keeps us sober. We invite you to join us in this wonderful new experience called sobriety.

Our Team

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Garrett Aguilar

Founding Partner

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Theo Gordon-Hardy

Founding Partner

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